Covid 19 Info

We recognize times have changed. Priorities shift with the changing landscape of society and our health care industry is no exception! Our number one priority at this office has always been to provide optimal patient care, but we want you coming back so that can happen in an environment free from worry or fear–a safe space where your needs are met before anything else on anyone’s mind (even if it might not feel like enough).

When you come to see us, it’s our goal to add peace of mind and excellence in addition to friendliness. We want your experience with the dental staff at this office be an evolving one that will continue improving as we learn more about what makes people happy! So please don’t hesitate to get any questions or concerns on board because together (well mostly me) we can make sure every patient has their smile appreciated by all those around them who might need such encouragement too.

As we have returned to our routine, you will notice that the same great care is given along with some additional precautions in place for your safety and comfort.

New safety approaches:
1. Patients are screened via phone call before the appointment

2. Prescreening at our front check-in, including temperature checks

3. All staff are also prescreened and temperatures are taken before allowed entry into the treatment areas

4. Masks are required by all entering our practice

5. Schedules are sequentially spaced to maintain less waiting room time

6. Maximizing cleaning of common touchpoint areas such as doorknobs, waiting area furniture, restroom facilities, and patient exam rooms.

7. Providing hand sanitizer disinfectant at the front desk.

Reinforced safety approaches:
1. Cleaning of all contact surfaces with disinfectant after each patient encounter

2. Daily cleaning of the entire clinic with disinfectant solutions

3. Handwashing and hand sanitizer use

4. Glove use with patient contact

5. All team members are wearing new PPE

We appreciate your understanding of our new policies and look forward to serving your dental needs. Please reach out to us if we can answer any questions or provide any assistance to you. Call us today to schedule your exam and let’s help get you back on track!

We value your trust in our office and expect to see you very soon!

For further information, including measures to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links:

Steps When Sick: