Dentures and Partial Dentures in Houston, TX

At Dental Bright, we provide dentures and partial dentures to the people of Houston and the surrounding area. These dental prosthetics can be worn by both seniors and young people. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that dentures not only make people smile more, but they also make speaking and chewing more comfortable.

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  • Cost-effectiveness: Dentures are an affordable solution for tooth loss when compared with tooth replacement options. Even with periodic replacement every 5–10 years, conventional full and partial dentures are typically more affordable.
  • Lower risk: Some patients prefer dentures so they can get rid of potential risks that come with bridge failure. This can be due to age and potential bone loss.
  • Timely treatment: Compared to other options, the denture process is reasonably short and enables prompt repair of missing teeth.


This process starts with taking an impression of the mouth and generating a model with a dental stone as a cast. To find the perfect fit, color, and size, patients can test out several different pairs of sterilized dentures. After several modifications, the cast is transported to a dental laboratory to be finished. The gum line is made out of wax and then covered with acrylic by technicians to give it a more realistic appearance. This whole procedure may take up to 5 visits to your dentist.


There are two types of dentures, full dentures, and partial dentures. Full dentures replace a complete set of teeth and rest directly on the gums. Following tooth extraction, immediate placement can be an option, while others might require healing time. When there are still some healthy teeth present, partial dentures might be considered. These use a pink base and metal component to secure the false teeth.


To maintain denture hygiene, soak them overnight in a denture solution, avoiding hot water to prevent warping. It is important to carefully rinse the denture before use because the solution shouldn't be swallowed. Also, they should be taken out after eating or drinking to remove food particles, and they should be brushed every day with a soft-bristled brush. Patients can continue practicing dental hygiene for any remaining teeth, including brushing, flossing, and cleaning the cheeks, roof of the mouth, and tongue. Proper care should be taken when using adhesives.

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