Orthodontics is the science of moving your teeth to a better position. It can be used for cosmetic purposes or in correcting problems with chewing function. Your orthodontist will evaluate alignment and positioning by using x-rays, which are sophisticated tools that allow them to see what’s going on inside your mouth from an outside perspective so they know how best to move things around!

A comprehensive exam might include getting impressions were taken (molds) of each tooth while it bites down into dental putty called alginate; conventional X-rays typically take place before any major treatment begins.

Your general dentist or orthodontist can help you conquer your dental issues. Services include moving crowded teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and correcting bite alignment to provide a beautiful smile.

Thanks to modern dental materials and techniques, your orthodontist can offer a number of options for correcting jaw issues or straightening teeth. You may choose from:

Conventional orthodontics–metal brackets and wires; this is what most people think of when they hear the term “braces.”

Clear/tooth-colored braces–this method provides a more cosmetically beautiful look than metal ones. Lingual braces are cemented on side parts of the tongue which provides better aesthetics as well!

Orthodontic treatment for children should begin when your child is seven years old because the first permanent molars have erupted, allowing your general dentist or orthodontist to fully evaluate jaw movement and tooth alignment.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment but aren’t sure of what it involves or how they work (the process) then don’t worry! We’re going to take a few minutes now so that we can answer any questions you might be having about our services here at DENTAL BRIGHT – just give us a call today 713-783-6060.