Root Canal

Endodontics is the dental specialty that deals with nerves, which can become infected and lead to serious problems if they are not taken care of in a timely manner. A root canal procedure typically removes an infection from one or more teeth by removing the nerve-filled pulp inside them. When this occurs it will be necessary for you to visit your dentist immediately because without preventive treatment, there’s a chance that nearby tissues could begin decaying due to a lack of blood flow caused by inflammation near the area where bacteria has settled into infecting fluids around teeth roots and on tooth surfaces – often resulting in painful abscesses (a collection of pus) forming within bone).

Endodontists work hard every day so we don’t have issues like these arise.

Following the numbing of an area around a tooth, it is then drilled into to create your opening. The dentist will be able to remove any infected tissue and clean out the canal within this space. After the infection has been removed from inside, gutta-percha sealant may also be used on top of that particular cavity in order for you’re at risk teeth or those which have already undergone root canals to seem more visually appealing as well as being much less likely there’s another issue with their health down the road!

It’s never easy to hear the word ‘root canal’, but with modern advancements, it has become less scary. The procedure is usually painless thanks to local anesthesia and your dentist knowing how best to administer that anesthetic for you. There may be some soreness following the surgery just like any other dental treatment, but over-the-counter medications are enough most of the time, or if not then prescription medication will do! And as painful as root canals were in past years before we knew better ways make them feel much more comfortable than they used to–you’ll get relief from all pain caused by infection so enjoy life worry-free again!